How to Optimize your site to rank well on search results

Search Engine Optimization may be one of the crankiest things to deal with in marketing. Marketers take this as a challenge and demand hundreds of dollars to thousands in order to optimize a site

Search engine optimization abbreviated as SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a site or a web page from search engines. Therefore results in ranking well on search results in regards to certain keywords.

In this article, I will try and cover as much as I can -all there is as far as SEO is concerned NB! this article is by no means an exhaustive SEO course but a brief overview of what SEO is about. I will not go to finner details but I will deliver as much as I can.

So! Are you ready for a search engine optimization Bootcamp?

SEO is a massive topic and to ensure your site ranks well you have work cut out for you.

Let's begin!

To have a clear view of what SEO entails we are going to categorize it into three major categories namely

  1. Site Optimization
  2. Linking and backlinking
  3. Social media marketing

Before we embark on those three majors areas of SEO. I need to set a few facts straight!

  1. Linking especially backlinking(sites linking to your site) is the king of the game. (Cheers to those who are familiar with chess)- as for those who haven't played chess, losing the king implies you are a goner in no specific terms- oh you can win but the probability of winning diminishes to 5%, it also depends on your opponent!
  2. You need to know and research your keywords in order to optimize your site otherwise don't bother building it, sorry that sounds harsh but true
  3. Good luck!

Optimization of keywords in a site

On every page, you need to optimize at least 4 items to win this game

--AGGGGHHHH! it just occurred to me that am bumbling here about optimization and we might not be on the same page!

In that case, let me use an example!

  • let's Imagine you are selling women's clothes online and you want to optimize your page title. This is how I would do it
  • Do some keyword research on Women's clothing (we will use google keyword planner)
  • so here is a list of keywords related to selling women clothes online: -you might come up with a better list or better yet more specific
  • Shopping
  • Women clothes
  • Comfort dress
  • official ware- you get the idea
  • So this is probably how I would frame it "Best women clothes online shopping website at an affordable price"
  • Remember to include the location as much as you can
  • Don't overdo it- the keyword optimization thing! Remember the key is to ensure that you provide a good user experience (plus that's all search engines are trying to achieve anyways)

If you overdid it and people visit your site and find that what they are reading makes no sense, well they will bounce(leave your site immediately), and trust me you don't want such a record associated with your site, because search engines like google use user experience to rank pages on the search results

The higher the bounce rate the low you are ranked!

Back to the topic at hand - Items to optimize in a page

The title

It shows on the tab bar while the page is opened and also in the search results as a link to the website with the results

You probably have almost 150 characters to work with and only 100 are visible on the search results. So give it your best shot.

  • Here is an example
  • Let's Imagine you are in the web development industry and your keywords are:
  • Website
  • Development
  • Designs
  • Custom, etc.
  • So this is how I would probably craft it
  • "Best Ecommerce Developers| Custom website Designers at an Affordable Price"

Notice how I capitalize the first letter of every keyword right? This is meant for suffers as they scan through search results. For the words to pop to them.

Meta title in the search engine optimization

This appears as the description on the search results after the link(the title as we described above). The same procedure we have employed above should apply here too the only difference is - you have a range of 150 - 200 characters to work with

H1 and h3 tags

Every page must have one h1 tag and at least one h2 tag or one h3 tag. Optimize those as well but now consider readability and user experience. Use the example we used on the women's clothing store title optimization before.

The content

In previous years content was said to be the king of search engine optimization. Well it's true to a certain degree- I mean you need content in order to infuse and optimize your keywords to a page, but linking especially back linking is the King of SEO

Linking and Back linking

Link your website well for easy navigation through your site is a major achievement for your site. Also, link your page using keywords to navigate through various pages.

Get links from other websites to link back to you

This might be the king of search engine optimization but might be hardest and out of control compared to other bits of SEO

People might allow you to write articles and post them on their website and link them back to you. Use those opportunities wherever you can because they are rare and golden to come by

Social medial Marketing

Well this might be the easiest in the SEO business but you should note that their role is to create awareness but not much help with link building

Create a Facebook page for your business, Twitter account, LinkedIn, Instagram among others

Summary of the SEO Bootcamp

Well as I said earlier on this article does not exhaust all there is to Search engine Optimization, but it gives you an overview of what you need to look at as far as SEO is concerned.

I sure do hope you have a developer who built your site with SEO in mind otherwise you have a rougher journey ahead of you.