How much is a custom eCommerce shopping website

There is so much to consider when budgeting for your online eCommerce website. Several factors are to be considered in order to get the most out of a website. In this article, we will try to exhaust all you need to know about owning an eCommerce website.

Searching through Google, you will find list after list of web design companies all trying to assure you that, what you need in lengthy wording and all from different perspectives and it becomes confusing and overwhelming.

The main purpose of owning a website, whether an eCommerce website or a regular website is to be ranked well on Google. With that your services are easily found which most times translates to sales. Don't get me wrong there are other reasons why one should own a website like publicity or assuring customers that your business is legit among others. Anyway, it all comes to the owner of the business and his reasons.

If you are new to this industry trying to get your first website, then this mumble-jumble will fluster you all the more but I will try to make this journey as pleasant and as painless as it can be!

One thing I have come to learn in this industry is that you need to be precise and as factual you can. The idea of trying to be a jack of all trades means you can never be an expert in anything. Well, that is the marketing aspect and we will go through that later.

The reason you are reading this article is that you wanted to know more about the cost of a custom website. I will take it that you know what a custom website is, but in case you are not sure it implies "a website built to meet a specific need in regards to customer demand – not built on a platform".

For more clarification, it implies that the developer has to build the website from scratch.

So why bother with custom eCommerce websites?

So why all this trouble? Am sure you have heard of platforms that make building a website easy right? They are easy to use and anyone with a few lessons can launch their websites easily within a matter of days, right? But below are reasons why the pain is worth it!

Here are some of the reasons for going through this trouble -

  1. The uniqueness of the website.
  2. Easier navigation
  3. What you ask is what you get (it's a thing!!!)
  4. Search engine optimizations(SEO)
  5. Enhanced speed and efficiency among others.
  6. Responsiveness
  7. Impressive impression

These reasons might seem trivial but in this world of digital marketing, they mean everything. You don't want to use a website that takes forever to load or worse hard to navigate. Google search engines rank a website with user experience such as how long a customer takes to leave your website or do you have a "return customer" – a customer who used your website and returns to the website for more.

These factors boost your chance of ranking well on Google's search results and as I mentioned earlier "a good ranking might translate to sales"

The cost of a custom eCommerce shopping website

So that we might reap all the fruits that are associated with custom websites. A developer has to develop

  • an application to act as a content management system to add, modify or remove items from his/her eCommerce website.
  • The real e-commerce website.

So there are two websites to be built one for customer use and one for content management. This work all depends on customers' demand it might range from as low as $500 for a simple eCommerce shopping website to as high as $10,000. Mind you $10,000, might not be the maximum amount you can pay to get your sophisticated website built! You could even pay higher than that.

So what do you need to consider in the development of a custom website?

  1. Ensure that it is Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly.
  2. It loads fast and is easy to navigate.
  3. It is mobile-friendly – responsive
  4. That you can optimize your pages whenever you want, SEO factors are not static.
  5. Ensure that your website gives an impressionable user experience.

What next?

What next? Hosting and marketing? Yeap! With that, the journey begins! Ranking well on Google is not a walk in the park. This is where being virtually active begins to be interesting or rather the struggle begins.

You ought to write articles as to why you do what you do and why people should visit your website or buy from you and such. I know I mentioned earlier that we will have a look at marketing and I promise I will, but that's another monster to slay due for another day. Which we will tackle in the How to Optimize your site to rank well on search results