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Why us

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About our website designs and development experience

We have been in the industry designing simple websites, e commerce websites, web applications and content management system (CMS) for more than three years now

Our mision

Our mision is to ensure that our clients get responsive, efficient, fast loading and more importantly search engine optimized(SEO) friendly websites


What we offer

We design and develop custom websites for our clients with both application(CMS) and a website. We use light and fast loading tech stack to increase loading speed

Over the years we have designed and built ecommerce websites, essay writting websites, simple websites among others

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What we do

Responsive website designs and fast loading is the core principle in our web development and as such bring about maximum user satisfaction

About chantosweb

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the key to ranking well on search results. So we are serious when it comes to ensuring that the site meets all SEO development requirements

Our web design portfolio

Our (CMS) is built to bring control to our clients even with little or no programming skills. One, with the use of a content management system(CMS), can customize their websites towards their tastes and preferences.

Our web designs

What we have done

Are you in the hospitality business, selling cakes or catering and you have been trying to get your presence out there in the virtual world? Well, a website is a great start. This a website we designed and built for a client

A simple business accounting system that can be installed on a computer, run on the cloud to be accessed via phone, tablets, or computer

Its amazing what a good design you can come up with, with the right tools. Here is a fast efficient website courtesy to Golang and react js

Well school attire website is quite recommendable at that for venders especially those in wholesale business.

Custom website developers in kenya

Everything is changing with every waking moment, but the most affected area is the technological world. Be as it may we need to advance with it or we will be faced out.

The technology we employ in web development today has changed significantly over the last decade. The business world has experienced the biggest ramification of these technological advances, and as such forced to adapt or get tramped over by the stampede.

Chantosweb Developers are here to help you as a business owner to keep up with the changes by providing services such as the development of custom websites, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce websites, writers & author websites(essay writers), school and college websites among other services.

Building a website is one thing but making it rank well on search engines is another thing. So with that in mind, Chantosweb developers offer search engine optimization (SEO) services.

We provide our services locally in Nairobi, Kenya, and globally